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Make plans now to fly fish with Trout Trips in Alaska!


Fly Fish with us in Alaska!

Trout Trips Janice O'Shea Silver Salmon Alaska COPYRIGHTED PHOTOJanice O'Shea guides on the Alaskan Pennisula for Blue Fly Bed and Breakfast and Guide Service during June and July. Blue Fly is located in King Salmon, Alaska, on the western side of the Pennisula near Bristol Bay. Tremendous fishing from June to October awaits the angler(s)who may choose the many different fly-outs to remote rivers, or take a boat trip on the Naknek River to fish for Rainbows, Kings, Silvers and Sockeye Salmon.

The season begins in June with Rainbows gorging on salmon fry that have hatched from the previous summer. Toward the end of June, the action shifts to the chrome bright King (Chinook) Salmon that conquer the river, heading upstream to spawn. Not far behind them, millions of Sockeye (Red) Salmon pour into the rivers from the Bering Sea. In August the salmon begin to spawn and for the next month and a half, the rainbows feed voraciously upon protein rich eggs that drift from the nest. In addition to this feeding frenzy, the Silver (Coho) Salmon are also entering the river heading upstream for their chance to spawn. By September and October, all 5 species of salmon have run upriver and giant Rainbows, Char, and Grayling have focused their appetites on the remainder of eggs and salmon flesh in the water.

Trout Trips Big Rainbow Alaska COPYRIGHTED PHOTOFly Patterns: A great fly to have in your box for June/July is a smolt pattern and also the Black Articulating Leech, Sculpins, along with plastic egg patterns. Also, dries such as Caddis, Royal Wulff and Stimulators will bring trout up to the surface. Silvers in August grab bright pink colored flies and big Rainbows in September and October will take flesh flies.

Whatever the month you plan to visit us, you will experience the flyfishing adventure of a lifetime!

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